The Experimenter.
I have a B.S. in Environmental Toxicology from UC Davis. No, I never took a microbiology course - I wish I had! My passion for learning more about scientific research and effective natural medicine and skin care has brought me to spending nights searching through PubMed in order to formulate my own natural products. To test different essential oil brands as well as test one of my own products, I purchased an incubator to perform my experiments! Then I decided to start this blog to share my findings with everyone else.

What Essential Oil Brands Do I Use?
I have used several different brands of essential oils. I began using Aura Cacia simply because it was available for purchase from a local grocery store. Prior to starting this blog, I had already purchased a variety of oils from most of the brands used in the first Lemongrass experiment: Aura Cacia, NOW, Native American Nutritionals, Mountain Rose Herbs, doTERRA, Young Living, Edens Garden, and Plant Therapy.

I purchase ready-to-use petri dishes and refrigerate them in my office. I label the petri dishes and indicate the location of where the essential oil is placed on each petri dish. I swab the petri dishes after wetting the cotton swab with filtered water and swabbing my nose. I then add the oil to each dish as labeled, except for the control, and into the mini incubator they go. After 48 hrs I remove the petri dishes and take photos.

I am NOT affiliated with any essential oil company and do not receive any compensation, etc. for doing my testing. The testing I perform is basic (and fun). The tests are not perfect and are probably not up to industry standards. My plan is to repeat tests and improve my methods in order to support or reject previous findings. I will share my thoughts for each test, but I encourage readers to look at the photos and make their own conclusions.

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